Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vegetarian Chili

My mom had recently given me this cute little spice catalog that had a million different recipe ideas, knowing that I suck at searching for fun meals.  There is the smartest/most dangerous book ever because it puts these beautiful pictures of cakes and pastas followed by the spices used and their price tags. Anyway, I flipped through some of the pictures and immediately stopped on this beautiful yellow bowl full of chili-looking goodness. I had just went grocery shopping, so I was hoping I wouldn't have to go out and get anything. The recipe calls for the following a can of black beans, garbanzo beans and red kidney beans, 4 0z diced green chilies (in a can) 1 c of water, ancho pepper (which I didn't use) 1/2 tsp of cumin and a pinch of crushed peppers (I used crushed rep pepper flakes). It included a few optional ingredients: sour creams, green onions and shredded cheddar--for garnish.  After going through the cabinets I found I had everything besides the ancho pepper and the red kidney beans. So I just nixed the two- I added a small can of white beans that I had to substitute and it was fine. I had some left over veggies from the night before, so I through them in too. The creator of the recipe mentioned added zucchini or carrots if around, so I kinda went with it. So pretty much the extent of the recipe is to through all the ingredients in a big pot and let everything come to a boil, once it does let it simmer for 30-45 minutes. And there ya go. Vegetable deliciousness.  I threw it over microwavable brown rice and melted a slice of vermont cheddar on top because I had it. I'm sure it would be good over or with anything as a side dish. Great dish to eat when its chilly out!