Saturday, August 6, 2011

Homemade Lemonade

Well I thought this was going to be easy. My mom brought me home seven lemons and told me since I was being so adventurous in the kitchen, my father would like some lemonade. I did not anticipate that seven lemons would take this much energy out of my being. First of all, my whimsical mother thought that a lime juicer could substitute for the lemon juicer. Wrong. I first had to slice the lemon into halves (if it were a lime, my work here would be done) but being that a lemon can be substantially larger than a lime, I then had to cut the halves into quarters. Ok no big deal right? Wrong. Again. I then had to place each lemon quarter into the miniature juicer and squeeze--individually. The act was amusing after the first lemon. Then I realized...It was only the first lemon. Six more to go.  I'd say it was after lemon 3 (24 lemon quarters in) that my biceps and wrist muscle started to give in. I took a breather, cursed my mother, and finished the task at hand.  This was my workout for the day.

The recipe that she had given me (which was on the back of our newly purchased LIME juicer---by the way the word juicer makes it sound like the stupid tool actually did something. False. I did something. I AM THE JUICER. For future reference I will refer to that thing as "the stupid tool") called for few ingredients and had three steps: 1. Boil 1 cup of water and add 1 cup of sugar until dissolved 2. JUICE 3. Mix all ingredients with three cups of cold water and chill if desired. As if anyone would actually want to drink room temperature lemonade.  Well anyway it didn't taste right. It was too lemony. I had to keep adding small quantities of cold water until it tasted normal. Both of my parents were content with the final product. I on the other hand, will never squeeze lemons again. I am perfectly happy with lemonade from concentrate.

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