Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm Back!

Unfortunately, a long--yet needed-- vacation in the Catskill Mountains kept me away from my blog, most technology and my cooking. I was able to stay at a resort with at least fifty of my family members (not much of a vacation). But! Everything was cooked for us: three meals a day and dessert after both lunch and dinner. Although not having to cook was enjoyable, most meals were focused around meat which was not so appealing to the Vegetarian. I found myself frequenting the not-so-local Subway and ordering the famous Veggie Delight quite often to compensate. It was not the most nutritional vacation, but I guess vacations aren't necessarily supposed to be healthy. But I am back! Back and ready to cook! Thanks to a flea market in one of the small towns in the Catskills I was able to pick up a few great cook books that were dirt cheap. I look forward to sharing some recipes and my thoughts with you.

A new post will be coming soon... :)

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